Tea factory

Bulk Tea Supply

We provide worldwide customers with affordable prices while also building a strong, lasting relationship by offering outstanding after-sales services.

With our vast experience and commitment to providing high-quality tea, we are able to meet our clients’ requests from a wide selection of certified farms that meet crucial regulatory measures. These include:

●     Pesticide-free teas

●     Rainforest Alliance certified teas

●     Fair Trade teas

●     Haalal certification

●      Maximum residue levels testing

Our customers’ specifications are met at every stage of our production process.From removing pesticides at the growing phase to the strict quality control, laboratory tests and rigorous hygiene standards of our final packaging stage, we are dedicated to providing a safe and delicious cup of tea.

Through our membership and participation in the East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA) tea auction, we are also able to offer our clients tea selections from the wider East African region, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

How we work with you

With a selection of over 100 tea variations, your preferred tea blend decision should be based on the preferences of your target market. Certain countries demand blends with certain characteristics, and this should be the starting point when selecting teas for your brand. After your target market, the rest is based on:

Who you are

●     Raw materials supplier or manufacturer

●     Food and beverage service wholesaler

●     Retailer or distributor

●     Import or export trader

●     Brand inventor

Gourmet tea store

Your requirements

●     Offer a variety of beverages

●     Blend and create your own brand

●     Provide brands of African origin

●     Create a blend of Kenyan and other origins

Create a custom-label brand to build customer loyalty

Type of tea

●     Black CTC tea

●     Black orthodox tea

●     Green tea

●     White tea

●     Purple tea