Factory tea blending machine equiptment

Tea Blending

Tea is an unstandardised product, which can lead to variation in its leaf appearance and liquor quality. Blending is the best solution to provide constant uniformity for your product and allows us to provide stable prices for longer periods, ensuring the same tea quality for you and your customers.

Tea blending allows you to create a range and complexity that cannot be found in single-estate tea, and gives a perfect balance of flavour, body and colour. We use blending units to blend your teas accurately for a consistent product, while our thorough cleaning process removes all impurities.

Our focus is on providing efficient and reliable services to bulk tea importers whose preference is working with manufacturers of superior teas. We guide our clients throughout the process, exploring ideas that fit their requirements, creating tea blends to complement their existing range, and even offering a shelf-ready packaged solution.

Tea factory